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Printing on Aluminium foil

Direct to Object Printing Using Robotics

Events Gallery - a huge thank you to all the collaborators at, and hosts of these events, and of course to all our visitors and customers!

Below left: Neatjet's Andrew Page, members of the SII Instruments team at Seiko Open Week and visitors to the demoBelow right: Neatjet's John Cunniffe and Adam Strevens talk to a visitor at our table top demo at IPI (Nov 2023)

Below: Neatjet stand at IPI with Adam Strevens and John Cunniffe

Pictures taken during the presentation given by Adam Strevens of Neatjet Ltd and i4inkjet Ltd at IPI 

Images below are from the course content presented by Adam Strevens of Neatjet Ltd. and i4inkjet Ltd. for the ESMA glass printing course at the EZD. Demonstrations of the Neatjet IDS-300 ink delivery system for ink recirculating printheads were part of this course. 

Pictures left and right here are from the iprint inkjet foundation course workshop (Nov' 2023). A Neatjet IDS was connected with a SII RC1536 printhead. The demo was jointly made by Neatjet and Imagexpert for the ink delivery system and dropwatcher respectively. 

3-minute pitch on behalf of Neatjet Ltd. at the excellent AIT (Advanced Inkjet Technology) conference in Fribourg (Jan 28th - Jan 31st 2024). A big thanks to the co-organisers of the event, namely IST and the iprint center.

Inkjet workshop hosted by the iprint center in Marly, Switzerland on February 1st 2024. Neatjet is already looking forward to the next inkjet foundation course workshop hosted by iprint June 10th - 14th 2024. For more information please visit